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Send Email

This page describes how to create an email template and send email from your application. Make sure the email settings are configured in application.ini, see Application Configuration. If you are interested in storing email addresses in an entity, have a look at the Email type.

Defining an email template:

email testemail(us : User) {
  subject("Test Email")

  par{ "Dear " output( ", " }
    "Look at your profile page: "
    //navigate will become an absolute link in the email

Sending email:

  email testemail(someuser);

The actual sending happens asynchronously, if there are issues while the application is trying to send an email, it will retry that email after 3 hours. If necessary, you can inspect and influence this email queue through the QueuedEmail entity:

entity QueuedEmail {
  body : String (length=1000000) 
    //Note: default length for string is currently 255
  to : String (length=1000000)
  cc : String (length=1000000)
  bcc : String (length=1000000)
  replyTo : String (length=1000000)
  from : String (length=1000000)
  subject : String (length=1000000)
  lastTry : DateTime 
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