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Install WebDSL

To get started with WebDSL, install the WebDSL editor and the WebDSL Command-Line interface.

WebDSL Editor

We provide an Eclipse bundle in which you can create and edit WebDSL applications with the assistance of syntax highlighting, static analysis and code completion. Alternatively, you can download the WebDSL plugin in your own Eclipse instance.

Download an Eclipse instance with the latest WebDSL plugin pre-installed for your platform:

WebDSL in Eclipse bundle

Installation instructions.

Perform a manual installation of the WebDSL plugin in Eclipse 3.5 or newer through the update site:

Installation instructions.

Command-Line Interface

The WebDSL CLI transforms your WebDSL code to web applications.

Download the WebDSL CLI for your platform:


Installation instructions.

Clone the WebDSL GitHub repository and follow the instructions listed there.

WebDSL GitHub Repository

Start Creating Web Applications

Once installed and started, you are ready to create web applications with WebDSL. Learn WebDSL by example through our tutorials.

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