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Install and Use the WebDSL CLI

Download the WebDSL CLI for your platform:



An installation of Java 8 or newer and Apache Ant are required.

  1. Extract the zip file.
  2. Add the webdsl/bin directory to your $PATH.


Go to the directory of your application and execute:

webdsl run

This will override any existing application.ini file.

This generates an application.ini file configured for testing with an H2 in-memory database.

If there is already an application.ini file with configuration (see Application Configuration options), use instead:

webdsl run

Pressing Ctrl+C stops the application.

Faster compilation on command-line

You can avoid JVM startup overhead by keeping the WebDSL compiler process running.

This requires having the Nailgun client installed. For example, on macOS you can install nailgun using brew install nailgun.

Add to the application.ini configuration file of your project the following line to use the compile server for all the commands like webdsl run:


To start the WebDSL nailgun server process, invoke:

webdsl start
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