Data Migration

Applications are constantly in motion. Bugs are fixed, new features are added, current features are improved and sometimes even an underlying architecture is changed. Being the core of most applications, data models do not escape continuous changing.

As a WebDSL application is in use, it gathers and stores data, following the structure of its data model. When a data model is updated, persistent data may be lost. Acoda prevents loss of data by automatically migrating the WebDSL database for you.

The Acoda web page

What can Acoda do

Acoda is a tool set to automatically migrate data along an evolving data model. It does not require changes to the existing development process. Input to Acoda are two versions of a WebDSL application and a database adhering to the old application. Acoda automatically detects what was changed in the data model from the old application to the new application and changes a copy of the data accordingly. Output of Acoda is a ready-to-use database dump adhering the application.

Acoda includes support for all WebDSL data model components: all types of primitive attributes, type inheritance, object relations, sets, lists, attribute cardinalities (including mandatory) and inverse relations. The changes Acoda supports include: attribute and type renaming, attribute moving, changing attribute types, resolving implicit references, wrapping attributes, introducing uniqueness and changing attribute cardinalities.

Data Migration